Our Word Is Our Bond

Authentic Carriers is headquartered in the very heart of world shipping hub - Athens. We are a multinational team of like-minded individuals with an aggregate of 100 years of experience and global market coverage across various segments including Handysize, Supramax and Panamax. Our asset-light approach enables us to preserve high liquidity and agility in adapting to a rapidly changing market environment. Our vast experience coupled with wide market coverage and pro-active prudent approach grants access to broader cargo base as well as off-market fleet positions.

Authentic Carriers offers operational excellence through carefully calculating risk and instilling confidence and comfort in its clients. The integrity and openness of our team is the key to smooth and effective performance from negotiations process to eventual fixture and our attention to details of the day-to-day operations and timely payment manners honoring charter commitments allow us to maintain a high customer retention rate.

Mission & Vision

With ever-changing circumstances our success is measured by the satisfaction of our clients – we will always go above and beyond the charter parties to continue to build and maintain our relationships across the globe.

Trust, agility and reliability are the fundamental concepts behind our work. We envision Authentic Carriers as a destination for clients, in a chain from shipper to receiver, to achieve their ultimate goals under the guidance of our team.

Core Values

We treat our counterparts the way we would love to be treated ourselves.
We are always there for our customers and act fast as time is of a critical essence in shipping.
Authentic Carriers are marathon runners, not sprinters – we value trust and transparency as these are the driving forces behind healthy and long-lasting relationships.
Our main and only asset are people. We promote an environment of respect, growth and inclusivity which in turn has a direct impact on our clients and our ability to delivery exceptional results
Our counterparts would never rely on our words and promises only, partners do keep coming back to us as they know we will do our job to the highest possible industry standard, always meeting their needs, we won’t give up and we won’t let them down.

Organizational Structure